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Best Flirting Tips for All
Best Flirting Tips for All
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Flirting can give pleasure. To flirt is to let a child inside you go out, to behave ingenuously. A flirting episode can take only a few seconds (you don’t need too much time to give a wink) or develop into exchange of caustic and witty remarks, which can last weeks, month or ever years.

What to begin with flirtation?

If self-confidence during communication with people isn’t your strong point, maybe, it would be easier for you to start with simple flirting. You can speak in a roundabout way, as if in passing. Maybe, once you experienced simple flirting by accident. Anyway, it is a simple exclamation “Hey, beauty!”, which you’ve heard from a smart distance. Most likely, you would rather be interested in who was crying than be offended. Teenagers, taxi drivers and truckers just love such pranks.

Simple flirting is popular because you don’t have to be too courageous, and there is almost no risk. Don’t be rude because your goal is to make your interlocutor smile, but not to shrink from fear. Please, don’t be so sure that this advice is formen only: today women also practice simple flirting quite often. Recent research, conducted in Texas polytechnic university, has shown that men consider women, who can flirt, to be more attractive. So, go ahead! You only should make sure that no one would think you flirted with him/her under the unfavorable circumstances (for example, do not flirt with drunken bikers).

When you feel that you can pass from simple flirting to more serious forms of communication, continue to read our flirting tips and pay attention to the professional flirting technique. Give a person a compliment, but compliment for him/her, but not for his/her dress. If you said “what a beautiful tie you have”, a man would have reasons to think about what you liked more: him or histie. It would be better to say “this tie suits you very much, it accentuates blueness of your eyes”.

Ask intelligent questions. Don’t interrogate and don’t ask about personal life. Unobtrusive questions like “where did you grow up” would be perfect. Thereby, you give him/her to understand that you would like to know him/her better. Avoid thorny subjects and “tricky” questions like “how much do you earn” or “what do you want from life”. Look him/her in the eyes. Allow this person to meet your eye for more than a minute, but don’t stare at him/her. Shift your glance to give your interlocutor some time to collect himself/herself. Then repeat this flirting method, but this time with smile.

Make a gentle touch. Touch his/her hand fleetingly (quickness here is a key factor) during a conversation. It is best to do it after a person said something very thoughtful or funny. Your gesture will let him/her know that you agree completely with him/her and that you feel the same. But don’t abuse this method. Don’t turn aside from a person with whom you are flirting. If you sit next to him/her, don’t turn sideways. Always look at him/her when you speak so that your interlocutor could see your face. It will make him/her feel that you attach high importance to his/her words. Draw near. It doesn’t mean you should embrace him/her, but also do not sit too far away. Disarm him/her, make a step forward and do not retreat.

And now here are several practical advices for women (girls) concerning effective flirtation.

1. A woman can simply smile and lay her eyes on a man for several minutes, as if hinting that she might be intrigued.

2. A woman can partly close her eyes with meaning, as if saying “I think that I need someone like you”.

3. A woman can bow her head, as if thinking if this man would fit her of not.

4. A woman can stand up and walk next to him, sending him a firm signal that he has a chance to make the acquaintance of her if he would like to.

5. A woman can look at him and then withdraw her eyes, as if offering him to look at her. She can look at him in a few seconds and give him a smile, as if hinting “If you are interested, come close and introduce yourself. I won’t bite you”.

6. A woman can grasp him as if by accident and exclaim “Oh!”, as if hinting that she didn’t want to touch him, but she had to do it and it was pleasant.

7. A woman can touch his hand or shoulder from time to time during the walk, as if expressing her favor in such a way. And then she can simply give him a smile, hinting that she likes being next to him. Furthermore, she can raise the eyebrows, as if saying “Oh, dear, it’s so pleasant”.

8. A woman can touch his knee or shoulder, as if showing that she feels good next to him. Then she can remove her hand and stop speaking, as if the touch was so pleasant that she had to take a breath and collect her thoughts.

9. A woman can argue with a man just for fun or say some rebukes is such tone of voice that he would understand that she still liked him in spite of all their insignificant disagreements.

10. A woman can ask a man to help her with some problem. And while he’s working, she can breathe excitedly, as if saying: “It is so nice when someone takes care about you, and you can simply enjoy this care. It’s such a happiness!”

11. A woman can ask a man some question and then admire his cleverness, as if saying: “I like the way you think. I can always count on you.”

12. A woman can look in his eyes at the end of a date, slightly bow her head, give him a smile, and then slightly raise her chin, as if hinting: “I’ve had a good time, and if you want to kiss me, I don’t mind. Just kiss me.”

By paying attention to these signals a man can make sure that she accepts his courting with favor. A man need to know that he’s approaching his cherished goal little by little. If he doesn’t receive any signals, he may decide that all his efforts are useless, and lose interest in her.

We will continue to give you our, so come again soon.

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