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about love

1. To kiss is to live longer.

Men, who kiss their wives in the morning and before going at work, live 5 years longer on the average than men who do not kiss their wives and only confine themselves to the words “Good morning”. Tell your husband about that.

2. Vine for men’s beauty.

Was your new friend polite and handsome yesterday, but today he is disgusting? It is proved that a face looks beautiful and without any defects in a state of intoxication. You won’t notice asymmetry. But when alcohol intoxication ends, we start seeing people in a new perspective. That is why it is unlikely that an acquaintance at a restaurant or a café would be successful.

3. Measure seven times…

If you haven’t found your beloved man for a long time, don't give up, because it is hard to find love at once. Scientists proved that men can fall in love about 10 times, and women – about 7 times before they find a partner for life and marry. That is why you should “measure seven times...”

4. Broken heart.

Women think that they ex-husbands or beloved ones look better than before after break of relations. If you are ready to go to every expedient in order to make him come back, just relax and take it slow. Psychologists proved that abandoned people may start thinking that their beloved ones became even better than before. A so-called “surge of love” occurs, and this state can last about two weeks. That is why you should wait till this period is over by all means, and only then try to make your ex-boyfriend come back (of course, if you still have any wish to do it).

5. Love is like a drug.

Production of dopamine starts as soon as a man falls in love. Dopamine is a hormone of pleasure. It enters into the brain, and the brain commands to produce even more dopamine. The more dopamine is in your brain, the happier and drunker with love you are. By the way, the same system is true for drug consumption, so be careful!

6. He saved you – he is yours.

Do you want to make a man fall in love with you? Let him make some act of chivalry. Scientists proved that if a man and woman met each other in extreme situation and a man saved a woman, there is a high probability that they would have a romance. If they met in a café in relaxed atmosphere, they would have fewer chances.

7. Sit next to him.

A woman needs to talk to her partner face to face in order to feel emotionally close to him. Men, on the contrary, need to sit next to you (shoulder to shoulder, in a manner of speaking). Do you want to win over a man? Sit down next to him.

8. Choose right colors.

Scientists found out that men always respond to red color at the subconsciousness level. It is the most attractive color, which can be on your lips, clothes, etc. At the same time, women prefer men in blue clothing.

9. A matter of a few seconds.

Few seconds are enough to make a conclusion about attractiveness of one or another man on first acquaintance. That is why you need to make a good impression! You can do it by allowing a man to notice some parts of your body, which generally do not attract attention of men: wrist (play with your bracelet), nape (raise your hair), toes (make nice pedicure and put on open sandals).

10. Don’t frighten him!

According to statistics, many men put off serious relationship because they are afraid of many things: a woman could make them choose between her and his friends; a woman could restrict his freedom and deprive him of the opportunity to decide what to do at leisure time; a woman could bother him, she would not respect him as he really deserved; finally, a woman could demand from him to earn more money. Show a man that you won’t demand such things from him, and he will be yours. And then… Time will show…

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