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I am not a photo model. You critically evaluate your reflection in the mirror for the last time and understand: everything is perfect! Your dress fits the situation, cosmetics is perfect, your hair shine and you are in the swim and know everything about the latest fashionable novelties. And also you are sure you will definitely meet HIM at this party! Why? Because, for God’s sake, you have been alone for too long! You are as good as anyone, no, you even better, more interesting, beautiful, witty, but… But you are still alone and haven’t had a single serious relationship so far. Why?

“I am not a photo model!” Having discovered that your appearance is not as perfect as Cindy Crawford’s appearance, you’ve concluded – you haven’t succeeded in your life. And you did it so finely that even people around you believed in it. They look at you (and you are quite attractive, without fear or favor) and think: “No, no, she’s definitely not Cindy Crawford!” But, from the other hand, is everyone around look like a photo model? Moreover, there is much less women with model appearance than women, who are much sought after by men! Maybe the truth is that all these women do not set a goal “to be someone”. Because, you know, in this case you sacrifice some part of “you”. That is why you are badly mistaken if you think that men like only women on glossy magazine covers. By the way, any of you can get on a glossy magazine cover… the main thing here is to find a professional photographer and a make-up designer.


“What reason would make you to break with a pretty girl after the first encounter?” If you ask any man this question, almost everyone will answer “unnecessary shyness”. Of course, it is not the only reason, but there is a rational kernel in this answer. You must admit that if a girl blushed, stammered and couldn’t answer such question like “The weather is fine, isn’t it?”, perhaps, only fans of steeplechase would continue further communication with her. Others would go and look for a more relaxed interlocutor. That is why you should sharpen your skills of engaging in easy conversation. It would be better to visit psychological training programs on communication skills. If not, at least, do it in front of your mirror at home.

“Me and a friend of mine…”

Here is a frequent situation: less successful girl becomes a shadow next to her very sociable friend, who is always in the center of attention. This inconspicuous girl is always near, and everyone gets used to her so much that that she slowly stops being considered as independent personality. And this girl will remain alone at some point, when her friend doesn’t need a “background” anymore to look more attractive. That’s why do not become someone’s shadow, because you will eventually be an odd man out. It is not our goal!

What do men afraid of?

We asked men the question “what could alienate you from an, at first sight, adequate and attractive woman who would like to strike up an acquaintance with you?” and received the following answers: if she is dull, uninteresting, can’t keep up a conversation or, on the contrary, talks blue streak; if she is too nervous about her appearance and worries about how she looks from an outsider's viewpoint; if she talks about herself all the time; if she likes to smoke, drink, swear, and tries to look “cool” in general; if you have different interests, but she places her interests in the foreground. Men also do not like: outright naivety, material interest, unnecessary and obvious coquetry, airs and graces, unnecessary flirtation, desire to assert oneself at you cost (for example, some offensive witticisms); if she obviously want to marry you. There is also one answer (by no means a single one), which is quite surprising: they afraid that you can simply “tell them to get lost”, having placed them in an embarrassing situation! Moreover, this answer was given by representatives of the sterner sex far from being shy.

We hope that, having found out reasons of your loneliness, you will find lasting and mutual love in a short time! It could not have been otherwise! Love and be loved!

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