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girlAbsolutely happy marriage, like every ideal state, is a very rare phenomenon (maybe, it is even an utopian state). It would seem that the newly married couple was very happy quite recently; these young people had so many fantastic plans for their marriage, dreamed about children and journeys abroad. But suddenly, in one of those ordinary days you suddenly understand that your marriage is not the fairy-take you’ve been told about. You often begin thinking about abrasive character of your wife or husband, you notice any fault, any trifle, and, moreover, you understand that you are completely insufferable sometimes, too. But you shouldn’t give way to despair, because the crucial point, when passion and romance stop being the basis of your relationship, comes in every marriage. It means that it is time to build and adjust a serious foundation, which will be the basis of your happiness for many years.

Each couple sooner or later finds its own mostly unique stereotype of relationship. It can be friendship, infatuation or, for example, collaboration. For starters, you should understand that you shouldn’t keep all grudges, aversion or even anger deep inside your soul, because no good will come out of it, but it will only traumatize you even more. You need to find out calmly and without quarrels what the reasons of your dissensions are. As a rule, it can be job, removal, financial difficulties, illnesses or children. Of course, this list of reasons that cause dissensions in family is far from being complete: there are also inner, psychological factors, for example, fraudulent propensity, when you are not ready to be completely frank with your significant other. As a result, you feel offended and quarrel. Moreover, distrust can be the reason for unfaithfulness, which, in turn, can completely destroy your marriage. We should also mention another aspect: you shouldn’t grudge the time for each other. Stop working hard till late at night, try to minimize housework (for example, buy a dishwasher or a robotic vacuum cleaner), hire a nanny for your child. There are a lot of variants, so, as the saying is, where there's a will, there's a way. As long as you have more time, you will pay attention to yourself and your beloved. Who knows, maybe it would be enough for all your small problems to be solved by themselves.

If you want to discuss some problem with your beloved, you should keep to the following rules:

-It's not worth discussing problems after a long working day. It would be better to do it at weekend, when you are not tired and full of strength;

- Don’t criticize your beloved too much;

- Never interrupt each other, it will only worsen the situation;

- Show your and benevolence as often as you can;

- You should know how to admit your guilt: if you are wrong, you can always apologize.

Remember that every marriage requires constant work: you should be able to assist each other and show mutual understanding, because the main thing in any relationship is collaboration and, of course, pure and sincere love not only to your husband or wife, but also to yourself.

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