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You just need to use some cunning, and he will fall at your feet. You always meet the object of your adoration when you visit friends of yours and regularly see him at work. He is incredibly handsome, financially independent and even has the same hobbies as you have. It would seem that you are an ideal couple, but, sadly, there is only one significant problem: he doesn’t pay due attention to you. In this case you should take control over the situation in your hands and start acting actively.

First of all, you should dismiss all doubts about necessity to win his heart. The answer is obvious: of course, you should do it! You lose nothing anyway. You can always draw his attention as if by accident, for, example, by such words: “A friend of mine thinks you are completely indifferent towards women, and we have decided to make a deal. It seems that she has appeared to be right once again!” Believe me: there is hardly a man who would listen to such statements calmly. By the way, in this case it is most likely that your persistent efforts to attract his attention eventually turn out to be successful.

As a rule, any close relations begin with friendship. It is an approved method: you need to become the closest friend for your chosen one, to whom he can entrust any secret. Try to remind this man about his dignities as often as possible, listen carefully to all he says to you, try to help him to solve serious problems on occasions, and give him valuable advices. Any man likes to eat tasty food, and it can play into your hand, too. Your potential chosen one should get used to idea that you are always next to him and won’t leave him without moral support during difficult periods in life. Share his interests and you will always have common topics to discuss. Of course, you should keep within certain limits: don’t go down to the level of annoying fan girls, and that is why you should keep your dignity in any situation.

If your beloved man treated you with disrespect of said something disrespectful at least once, it would be better to stop development of relations, because it would be even worse in future. And if you successfully became friends, it would be better to move your relations to the next stage. It is very important not to show excessive zeal. You should disappear from his life without warning for some time. It would be enough to leave for vacation somewhere far away. It is the critical stage on the threshold of the final battle for the heart of your beloved man. If he embraced you warmly and affectionately upon meeting and said he had missed you, your plan could be considered successful.

However, you can act quite differently. Arrange a sort of “contrast douche” for your beloved man, alternating flaming passion and icy haughtiness. For starters, you should appear in front of him in a very revealing outfit, which accentuates your body's best features. Flirt with him a bit: give him ambiguous glances, demonstrate that you are ready to come closer. Change your behavior dramatically after a while. Now you should button up your revealing outfit and become an icy princess.

All these actions will intrigue any man without exception. Such dramatic metamorphoses will make the object of your adoration be overflowed with resentment. And again, your tactics is successful: sustain a pause and then continue your conversation, smiling nicely and paying some attention to him. If your relation didn’t develop into something more serious, you would have to accept the fact he didn’t like you. In this case it would be better to bear with this fact, because a woman, who pursues a man, looks quite miserable from outside.

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