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Many girls wonder if men like them. Indeed, it is a very significant question, and that is why we are going to examine it carefully. So, today we are going to speak about different types of women, which can be interesting to men; we will also give some advices for girls who dream to win a heart of a prince charming.

To begin with, it is necessary to note that men divide women into several categories at the subconscious level, at the level of instincts. The first category includes girls, who can’t join a sphere of men’s interest for some reasons. As the saying goes, it is “a matter of taste”. There is no sense speaking about this category, because everything here is abundantly clear: a man doesn’t like a girl and that’s it. The two remaining categories are more vital for us. These are the main categories of choice: women, with whom men want to make a family, have children and grow old happily, and women, who are considered only as “one night girlfriends”. What is the difference between them?

Let’s differentiate these two categories. Let us suppose that women, who are meant for love and family, are ethical. And “one night girlfriends” are dissolute. Now we should understand, which category suits for which of them. The instinct of perpetuation of the species inheres not only in women, but also in men, too. Therefore, according to many surveys, men want the future mother of their children to be, first of all, healthy, to love children and to have a desire to give birth. A desire to give birth and love for children are common qualities of every normal woman. And what about health? It is obvious that it is hard to preserve health nowadays and everyone has his/her own health problems. That is why attitude of a woman to her health comes to the foreground. Overeating obsession, negative attitude to sports, smoking, predilection for alcohol – according to men’s attitude, all these habits negatively affect health of their potential chosen ones, so these women are no longer considered as reliable mothers of their future children. It happens automatically, at the subconscious level. Such women are put in the second category of dissolute women almost without exception. Imitation of love and marriage with dissolute women are possible, but, according to statistics, such marriages very often end with scandals, quarrels and divorces.

Now let’s speak about women, who are put in the second category of dissolute women automatically, at first glance. It happened that the image of such girls was born in heads of Hollywood directors, and television helped to stick this image in the minds of men. Do you remember how women of pleasure are shown in western movies? That’s right: revealing outfit, provocative behavior, cigarette in delicate fingers, a glass of wine or a bottle of beer… These all are associations of women of pleasure like on TV. That is why such “beauty” arouses only desire, but not an instinct of perpetuation of the species. It is obvious that in this case there can’t be anything serious, and everything will end this very evening; several months of “serious” relationship is the best case. Unfortunately, many women do not understand it and think that such way of live and such image attract men. Yes, there is an element of truth in such considerations, and men really like such women, but they won’t make meaningful relationship with them for sure.

Let’s sum up. Sweet girls, if you really want to find a real man, a worthy husband and a father of your children, please, get the Hollywood image of vulgar women of pleasure out of your heads. Maybe you will be surprised, but the majority of men dream to marry on an honest girl in secret; they will always be proud that they are your one-and-only ones! Forget about alcohol and cigarettes: men need healthy women, who can give birth to healthy children; cigarettes and alcohol will not only harm your health and health of your children, but will also turn your positive image into an image of a “one night girlfriend”. Even if you are different, men will still see some kind of “prey” in you, and not a reliable partner in life.

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