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man loses interestWomen very often complain that their men have lost interest to them. In some cases they understand it from his behavior and treatment, in other cases he frankly tells about it. What can you do if a man is dear to you and you want to save your relationship or even marriage and family?

Set your heart on the possibility that your attempt could fail in order not to feel even more hurt in case of failure. We can’t fully influence on feelings and actions of other people. By the same token, a woman can’t be completely sure about reasons why he has cooled off her even if he’s explained everything to her frankly and openly. You can be angry until you’re blue in the face, but you should understand what you want to get from this situation and what for you need it. All your actions should be considered and you shouldn’t do anything in a blaze of anger and unbridled emotions. If you are concentrated and cool, it will be easier for you to make certain actions and watch the reaction of a man.

Of course, the best thing is to start from the appearance. Change your hairstyle, wardrobe and clothes. You can cardinally change your style, but don’t make too bold decisions, because you shouldn’t look ridiculous or provocative. A man can just get used to your appearance, and your new style may make him become interested in you once again and awake his interest.

But it may be that problems of your relations lie much deeper. And if a man tells you by himself that he’s gotten tired of seeing one and the same, it well may be that he he’s gotten tired of your inner self: he lost interest to you, he has no desire to communicate, discuss problems, affairs, etc. In this case straight talk with your chosen one is inevitable. Try to find out how he sees your common future. Ask him what attracts him in women most of all: behavior, appearance, habits, manners or intimacy. Ask him to express complaints about yourself and tell you what qualities you need to be attractive for him. Behave kindly during such conversations, don’t cry or make a row. Try to speak calmly and in a constructive way. Think about what he’s told you. Maybe you find out that you really need to change a bit, correct something, develop some qualities or, on the contrary, give up something.

When you think a bit and analyze your relationship, start acting. But you should do it systematically, little by little, adequately and without any illusions. And if your relationship really lacked something, if you just needed to “modernize” them a bit, everything would be all right. But if a man simply didn’t want to be with you, it would be better to let him go. You should do it because there is no sense in tormenting yourself and your man. Don’t try to achieve something that your beloved one doesn’t want, because it is a thankless task. You can lose yourself in such blind pursuit of attention, so make a weighted and balanced decision concerning improvement of your relationship.

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