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There are only two main methods: premade templates

1. You can use rapid search, i.e. you can make acquaintances of many girls and rely upon various premade templates and different crafty techniques from NLP.
2. You can try to improve yourself and become a real macho, so that women would try to tempt you by themselves. Of course, do not neglect NLP and other stuff.

I personally like the second method, but it is several times more complex than the first one.

pick upMany people ask me: how and when is it better to make the acquaintances? There is only one answer, and it is very simple: always and everywhere. Wherever you are, you should “filter” people around you in order to find a pretty woman. But you should remember: if you have already found a woman with whom you are going to have or already have meaningful relationship, all other woman around you, even the “hottest ones”, shouldn’t exist for you as objects for pickup. Swarms of “schoolboys” often try to pick up girls. It always ends the same way: too many alcohol, scuffles and police. Don’t try to go somewhere with clear objective to pick up a woman. If you do everything right, you will have a lot of all kind of women, whom you meet virtually at every step: in transport, in shops, in offices, in the street, at different parties, bars and other places. Wherever you are, you should wheedle all necessary information from a woman with whom you think you can have a good time: is she alone or with a boyfriend, is she married (a ring on her finger), etc.

It is not advisable to look with delight on married women; the only exception is if they represent everything you’ve dreamed about all your life. You will have much more pain in the ass, if you try to pick up a married woman: she isn’t in charge of her time and, in most cases, she definitely has one or more children. Do you really need such troubles? But life is just one damned thing after another. Anyway, try to concentrate on women without engagement rings. If you see that a woman doesn’t have a boyfriend, you just need to come to her and try to start conversation under some pretence. But, please, avoid using any banalities like asking for permission to make the acquaintance. Just come to her and say something. You can speak about whatever you want, but it would be better to find a subject for discussion, appropriate for the particular place. If you ask her a question, try to do it so that only a positive answer will be possible. Avoid asking questions with the particle “not”. Try to ask the question, which already includes the answer you want to hear. “Do you mind if you take a walk with me in the park?” is a bad variant, because you are suggesting her the wrong answer “Yes, I mind it”. Before trying to pick up a woman you should make her notice you and look at her reaction. If your “target” makes some strange actions (smoothes her hair, smiles and stares into vacancy or squints at you), it means that she is definitely interested in you.

I’ve already mentioned that you should try to foresee variants of her behavior and to craft a strategy of your further actions for each particular case. Most importantly, don’t fall in a stupor. Come to her as soon as possible. Only when you gain experience and become a professional pickuper, you will be able to do everything in autopilot mode: dress well, speak well and charm even the most inapproachable women (well, maybe not all women, but the majority, for sure). Are you a famous pickup guru? Of course, it is very pleasant that you’ve spent your time and read this global manual to this point. Now sit down, collect your thoughts and write some plan on a sheet of paper, composed of your questions and her possible answers. As it was mentioned above, the main thing is not to fall in a stupor: come to her right away and without hesitations, be maximally self-reliant and radiate positive energy. Generally speaking, the first phrase isn’t very important. Once I picked up a girl in bowling; I saw her name on the post next to the lane and said the first thing that came into my mind: “Hi, Julia, do you remember me?” As it turned out, her name wasn’t Julia, but my pickup was successful in spite of banal first phrase. Why? Because she had already noticed me before and she knew I was looking at her too, so she became interested in me. I had invited her to a bar, and we had been talking sweetly about half an hour, and she had written my phone number, and we had a nice conversation at my place on the next day.

After you came and started talking to her, try to develop this conversation if you have free time and she doesn’t hurry, too. The more active position you take during the conversation and the more interesting dialogue you have, the faster you will be able to pick up this girl and the more chances you will have to get her mobile phone number. It well may be that you will be with her tonight: all you need to do is to be active and interesting and to be able to “throw enough dust in her eyes”. Anyway, try to take her phone number at the end of your conversation or, in the last resort, give her your number. Because, you know, you pick up a girl not for speaking about weather, bit for speaking about other things in a more comfortable and quiet place. Of course, sometimes you can simply get tire of her in the process of communication. Such situation is not unusual.

If she gives you her phone number, you may consider that half the work has been done. If she gives you two phone numbers (her home number and mobile number, for example), it means she seriously looks forward to meet you and wants to continue this acquaintance. If she doesn’t want to give you her number, but asks you to give her your number, you can forget about her. She simply doesn’t like you and will hardly call, but small chance still remains. In this case give her your business card, because she will, probably, put it in business card holder, just in case. Maybe your business card would do its job some day. Sometimes when you ask to give you her phone number, a girl may ask you: “Are you sure it is necessary?” Don’t panic and don’t be afraid of such questions: she is interested in you and just checking how serious you are. That’s it for today. Have a nice dating!

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